Transitioning from Concepts to Practice

Foreign Policy Concepts is now a publication of Datacracy. Recognizing the significance of data analytics and its increasing role in developing policy in economic, social, cultural, foreign affairs, and geopolitical spheres, Foreign Policy Concepts and Datacracy decided to join forces to utilize more effectively the resources at their disposal to educate the public, policy makers, international regulatory bodies, NGOs, and key decision makers at global companies about the challenging policy issues of our time. We are a uniquely Canadian organization and we welcome your thoughts, ideas, suggestions and constructive criticism as we endeavor to see Canada make its impact felt on the global stage.


U.S foreign policy. Today America is facing an increasingly multipolar world with emerging centers of power that continue to present both challenges and opportunities for policy makers in Washington

Canada as a geopolitical power. Canada is an underutilized global player that has the right and capacity to exert geopolitical and cultural influence in different parts of the world to advance Canada’s economic and geo-strategic interests

Iran as a transcontinental power. As Iran emerges from decades of international isolation, it has proved to be a major geopolitical power and geostrategic player to be reckoned with on the international stage

The complex dynamics of conflict and peace. In a world that suffers from serious lack of global leadership, various refugee crises are turning into not just a humanitarian dilemma, but a matter of national security

The Arab world as an epicenter of socio-political transformation. Arab countries are undergoing the most significant socio-political and cultural transformations they have seen over the last 100 years. What is at stake for the Arab world in the first half of 21st century?