a different look at the north Korean crisis and the role of Russia and China

A Different Look at the North Korean Crisis

Foreign Policy Concepts Editorial

It is astonishing that despite North Korea’s numerous missile tests, including those of nuclear devices, its saber rattling has still gone unpunished by the United States and its allies. why? There is an emerging school of thought that attributes this lack of response to the tacit and discreet support Pyongyang receives from Moscow and Beijing. Why should Kim Jong-Un continue his provocative military postures without worrying much about their consequences? Why have Russia and China not announced any punitive measures—or even put serious pressure—on North Korea yet?

For Russia and China, the North Korean crisis appears to be a useful measure to entangle the United States in a geopolitical crisis, forcing it to divert resources from the South China Sea, while develop a clearer understanding of U.S capabilities in a major conflict in Northeast Asia.

As the crisis appears to widen, it is the leadership in Tokyo and Seoul that need to pay their utmost efforts to defuse the crisis as they have the most to lose, not Beijing, Moscow, or the U.S.

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