we are witnessing the emergence of a new paradigm in global transportation logistics .

A New Paradigm in Global Transportation Logistics

China’s rapidly advancing Belt and Road Initiative (BRI), still known in certain circles as the New Silk Road, relies heavily on the buildout of a complex transportation infrastructure that spans much of China’s Westernmost and the Eurasian landmass. The focus of BRI’s transportation infrastructure is on rail links that already cover destinations across Eurasia, including Tehran, London, Warsaw, Berlin, and Madrid.

Depending on the destination, BRI cuts travel time for the transportation of goods and services by as many as 25 days. European economies are increasingly turning their focus to greater integration with China’s BRI as its infrastructural tentacles encircle the continent, offering European economies new destinations for their products and services. China is also betting on the benefits of bypassing international sea lanes under the control of U.S navy, hoping to neutralize the strategic presence of U.S Navy.

Add to the above picture the development of energy resources across Central Asia and the growing network of Chinese-built oil and gas pipelines crisscrossing Eurasia; we are witnessing the emergence of a new global logistics paradigm.

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