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geopolitics under Trump

Navigating Global Geopolitics Under Trump

December 13, 2016 • Concepts & Thoughts, What Experts SayComments (0)

by Dan Mueller Frankfurt–It appears that there is no end in sight to America’s post-election brouhaha. It has covered a whole range of issues with varying degree of sadness, entertainment, and shock. From stories about fake news to allegations of Russian meddling in the election, to voting by illegal immigrants, Saudis pouring cash to

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A Look at Bonner’s Dīnawarī and the Sasanian Dynasty

September 15, 2016 • What Experts SayComments (0)

Book Review Toronto, Ontario–In today’s global geopolitical disorder, Iran is largely seen as a country that is bent on challenging the West and as an actor with its own hegemonic regional designs.

Islamic Exceptionalism by Shadi Hamid

Shadi Hamid on Islamic Exceptionalism

July 21, 2016 • What Experts SayComments (0)

Shadi Hamid is a senior fellow at The Brookings Institution’s Project on U.S Relations with the Islamic World. Dr. Hamid is the author, most recently, of Islamic Exceptionalism: How the Struggle Over Islam is Reshaping the World (St. Martin’s Press).

Jamal Abdi on Challenges in U.S-Iran Relations

June 9, 2016 • What Experts SayComments (0)

Jamal Abdi is Executive Director of NIAC Action, a grassroots, civic action organization based in Washington D.C

NATO Russia

Richard Gowan on the Rising Tensions between NATO and Russia

May 14, 2016 • What Experts SayComments (0)

Richard Gowan is a World Politics Review analyst and a fellow at the European Council on Foreign Relations (ECFR). He talks about rising NATO Russia tensions. His focus areas are the UN, European Security and Defence Policy, Africa, and Western Balkans. Dr.