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To Be Continued…Global Geo-Strategic Shifts

January 11, 2017 • Concepts & Thoughts, latestComments (0)

by Reza A. Montreal—The tumultuous socio-political developments of 2016 have had their reverberations spilled over into the new year. Barely stepping into the early hours of 2017, Turkey experienced renewed bloodshed when crowds celebrating the arrival of new year at an Istanbul nightclub were gunned down by a Muslim extremist, who decided to violently

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geopolitics under Trump

Navigating Global Geopolitics Under Trump

December 13, 2016 • Concepts & Thoughts, What Experts SayComments (0)

by Dan Mueller Frankfurt–It appears that there is no end in sight to America’s post-election brouhaha. It has covered a whole range of issues with varying degree of sadness, entertainment, and shock. From stories about fake news to allegations of

Why It is WISE to Take Note of Education in China

November 7, 2016 • Concepts & ThoughtsComments (0)

By Angelica Towne Beijing–Last weekend I had the pleasure of speaking at the World Innovation Summit for Education (WISE) regional gathering in Beijing, China, entitled ‘Innovating for Equity and Empowerment’. The WISE-LIFE China Forum, developed

U.S Foreign Policy under Trump

Israeli Politics, U.S Foreign Policy, and a New American President

November 6, 2016 • Concepts & ThoughtsComments (0)

By Mitchell A. Belfer As America decides its future within the next few days, it is a fitting moment to contemplate the impact of a new U.S foreign policy on one of its most important allies: Israel. Middle East politics is again ablaze, but it is easy for

Insurance Costs and the Risk of Terrorism in Post-Brexit UK

September 20, 2016 • Concepts & ThoughtsComments (0)

by Andrew Bard  Concepts & Thoughts Not much has changed in post-Brexit Great Britain, but travelers and those who reside there can expect to see many long-term effects of Great Britain’s exit from the European Union over the next two years. One major